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Welcome to La Polcura

The Polcura Lodge Tourism, is located in the Colchagua Valley, Region VI of Chile, only 25 km from San Fernando to the mountain range and just 2 hours from Santiago by route 5 south.


We invite you to visit this beautiful place, between the Tinguiririca and Claro rivers, where the nature, the rest  and the culture of this beautiful region are mixed in a harmonious way ....




Capacity for 6-8 people

Capacity for 4 people

Capacity for 8 people

Capacity for 2 people

Capacity for 5 people

Price: 85.000 CLP per night

Price: 65.000 CLP per night

Price: 95.000 CLP per night

Price: 55.000 CLP per night

Price: 75.000 CLP per night

Our Services

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